Educational Priorities

The School Board of Education (SBOE) will be voting to adopt major changes to the Social Studies curriculum next week (8/29—09/2).

These changes come recommended by TEKS Work Group committee members who are nominated by the SBOE.

TEKS, or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, are guides and standards used by educators to meet the core competencies of the subject matter.

What’s at stake in social studies education is the acceptance of new standards that are revisionist and ideologically-biased. Since TEKS are revised every 12 years, this makes next week’s vote much more consequential.

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Meet Mama Bears Rising!

Mama Bears Rising is an organization consisting of parents, educators, and citizen advocates who have locked arms in the fight to protect our children from political and sexual indoctrination in schools. They are at the forefront of this battle and are risking everything to ensure our children remain children. Meet them, attend their events, and […]

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