Marianna Maguire

The Hispanic Conservatives of Montgomery County (HCMC) have come a long way since our founding in March of 2021! The HCMC is a labor of love for us all, and a movement that we are deeply committed to cultivating. Hispanics are the largest and most diverse minority group in the United States, representing 19% of the population (2020 Census Bureau), across different races, religions, and ancestry. We are grounded in our faith (over 75% are Christian), hold firmly to traditional family values, and are unwavering in our commitment to remain free.

Hispanics are paying closer attention to politics, alarmed by the ideological shift toward socialism our country has taken, which no longer resembles the Land of Opportunity that makes possible the American Dream. Our freedoms are encroached by big government and big tech. Our dependency on government has grown exponentially and its authority over all aspects of society is felt in our everyday lives. Inflation is out of control and Americans are struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills. Crime is abundant, homelessness is abundant, drug use and abuse are abundant, and all with a purpose – to rely on the State for solutions.

The border is nonexistent, giving rise to human/drug/sex trafficking of proportions not seen before. Our immigration laws are not enforced but their breaking is encouraged and celebrated by the left. Again, with purpose. The traditional family is under constant attack. Parental rights are threatened and undermined. The State is driving a rift between children and parents by demanding that schools keep secrets from parents if the children so much as question their sexuality.

Hispanics have taken notice and are making a change!

An October 12, 2022 report from Pew Research Center projected Hispanics would account for 14.3% of all eligible voters by November 2022.

These are encouraging news because Hispanics are leaving the party of welfare, dependency, and godlessness behind. And we have the numbers to change the direction of this country!

The Democratic party does not represent our values and never has. Because they control the media, they control the messaging and have rendered themselves society’s champions and saviors. In reality, they are the party of perpetual slavery and despair.

Conservatives are finding a home in the Republican Party where our values are properly represented and the tenets of Republicanism still respected: the human right to Life; the right to liberty, property and prosperity; rule of law and a moral immigration system that preserves America and protects Americans…

There is no greater country than the United States of America. Our free-market system is the best way out of poverty and dependency. Our citizens believe in personal accountability and responsibility. We want a smaller government that is fiscally responsible and overseen by the People, who are determined to preserve individual rights over the collective State.

The HCMC aims to educate the community and break the cycle of dependency and misinformation. We must renew our commitment to our conservative values – American values – and be the face of republicanism if we are to remain a land of citizen-led representatives, at the helm of government, and free.

Welcome to the family!